Ziffit to the (Pet) Rescue!

We had a bit of excitement at Ziffit Towers last week when our intrepid Ziffit staff opened one of our customer’s boxes to find a rather lonely little moggy, all curled up and feeling somewhat poorly.


Image from BBC News

It’s hard to believe but little ‘Cupcake’, as we later found out, had climbed in and snuggled up without the owner noticing. She then sealed it up and handed the box to our courier partner and spent several days wondering where she had gone.

Amazingly, 260 miles later, we ( open the box and found the little tyke in a sorry state.  We’re a quick-thinking bunch down on the South Coast and so we fetched her some water and called the RSPCA to whisk her away to a vet for some proper care.

The owner was relieved and delighted to find out that Cupcake was found.  A local vet took charge of her and pronounced her to be on the mend, if not a little dehydrated and shaken.

“We’re used to opening our customers’ boxes and finding all kinds of books, CDs and DVDs but this is a new one for us.”  Said Paul Treanor, eCommerce Director of  “Our staff were worried but we called in the specialists and informed the owner who was more than a little relieved.”


As much as we loved helping little Cupcake – please do not send cats in with your trade!

Watch the video from BBC News here: