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Take your friendships to the next level with Ziffit

We love our customers
Both old and new
Is there someone you know
Who needs a declutter too?
Are their bookshelves full to the brim?
Is their CD player obsolete?
If you’ve got friends like this,
Tell them, we’d love to meet!

Recommend up to 10 friends to trade with Ziffit, and when they trade a value of £10+, they’ll earn £5 extra.

A trade for a trade

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll also earn £5 for each of your 10 friends-come-traders. That's a potential extra £50 in your pocket! All you need to do is share your individual referral code with your friends, be that on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, pigeon, or good old word of mouth.

You Show. They Sell. It’s a short story that ends well.

Clutter-to-money in four easy steps



So this is how it works...


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