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Frequently Asked Questions

What items can I trade in? keyboard_arrow_down

You can trade in your Books, Games, DVDs and CDs in one easy to manage trade. We are unable to accept PC games unfortunately and can only accept books that have an ISBN number.

How do I enter my item details? keyboard_arrow_down

It's simple! Your Books, Games, DVDs and CDs all have a barcode on the cover. Simply locate the barcode and type all of the numerical digits above or under the barcode into the search box, including any at the beginning or end of the sequence that may be smaller than the other characters. Books usually have a barcode too, and all you need to do here is type in the ISBN above or under the barcode. If it does not have an ISBN on the back then it will be on the publishing details page at the front of your book. In most cases this will be a few pages in from the cover. If it does not have an ISBN at all, we cannot accept it.

What is an ISBN? keyboard_arrow_down

The ISBN is a numeric 10 or 13 digit number that is unique to each individual book. It appears next to the barcode on most books and in instances where it doesn't it can be found on the publishing page.

What is an EAN? keyboard_arrow_down

An EAN is a unique 13 digit number which is used to mark and catalogue saleable goods. This number is also represented by a barcode. You probably see at least one EAN scanned everyday in your local supermarket or shop at the checkout point. The EAN is typically found in the bottom right corner of the back of an item.

What is a barcode? keyboard_arrow_down

A barcode is a machine readable representation of the EAN or ISBN. This information relates to the product it is attached too. It looks like a series of vertical lines differing in thickness.

What condition do those items need to be in? keyboard_arrow_down

We can only accept items with a barcode number (EAN), this is a unique 13 digit number used to catalogue saleable goods.

Games, DVDs and CDs need to be:

  • Identical to what has been submitted in your trade.
  • We are unable to accept PC games at this time.
  • Original discs only. No fakes please!
  • The disc should match the cover/sleeve notes or instructions.
  • The discs should be free from heavy scratching and play perfectly.

All covers, sleeve notes and instructions (games) should be included and not damaged or defaced in any way. This includes water damage and any hand written inscriptions.

We can only accept books that have an ISBN number. The ISBN is a numeric 9, 10 or 13 digit number that is unique to each individual book. It appears underneath the barcode on most books.

Books need to have:

  • The cover free from heavy damage.
  • The ISBN matches the ISBN you submitted during your trade.
  • All pages intact, with none missing or heavily discoloured.
  • All the pages free from writing, annotation or answers (textbooks).
  • Free from any water damage.
  • All original supplements such as discs or gifts included.
  • The dust jacket present where it was originally provided
Do you buy everything? keyboard_arrow_down

We try to buy as many items as we can, enter your barcode and find out now!

Do you purchase Readers Digest or Book Club books? keyboard_arrow_down

If your Readers Digest books have an ISBN then enter it into the search box and we will let you know if we want it. We can't take your Readers Digest books without an ISBN or Book Club books and Companion Books.

Do you purchase consoles, mobile phones or other products? keyboard_arrow_down

We plan to in the future, just bear with us for a little longer before we are able to offer this service.

Do you purchase discs with missing inserts or cases? keyboard_arrow_down

We can't purchase these items from you as they are incomplete.

Do you purchase ex-rental products? keyboard_arrow_down

Unfortunately we cannot accept ex-rental products.

Do you accept promotional items? keyboard_arrow_down

Unfortunately we can't take your promotional or not for resale items.

How much do you offer & why? keyboard_arrow_down

We aim to make a fair offer on all products. This enables us to provide the free courier collect and send it service and allows us to refurbish the items in preparation for finding them a new home!

How do I accept the offer price? keyboard_arrow_down

Simply keep the item in your trade then complete the trade. You can do this by hitting the trade in button at the bottom of the trade page. Remember you have to have a minimum of 10 items or €5 value in your trade to redeem the offer. You can always remove individual items from your trade if you don't accept the offer price. Just hit the minus button next to the item and it will be removed.

How long is the offer price valid for? keyboard_arrow_down

Once you complete a trade, the prices offered for your items will be fixed indefinitely. If you choose to save a trade or leave items in your basket, the offer price will be guaranteed until midnight on the day the offer was made.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of items I can send in? keyboard_arrow_down

The minimum number of items you can send in a trade is 10, or less if the value is over €5. There is no limit on how many items you can send us.

Can I send different products in one package? keyboard_arrow_down

Of course you can, as long as the item is included in your trade we will do the rest.

What does it mean when I save a trade? keyboard_arrow_down

It may not always be convenient to complete a trade or you may have additional items you want to add to your trade later. For your convenience you can save your trade and come back to it whenever you want to. In order to save a trade you need to be a registered user.

How do I get paid? keyboard_arrow_down

This depends on your preferred method of payment when you redeem your offer. If you chose bank transfer we will pay you directly into your bank account. This type of payment typically shows in your account 5 working days after we have processed your trade.If you chose PayPal as your method of payment then the funds will be deposited within 3 working days of processing your trade.If you chose Cheque as your method of payment a cheque will be issued once your items have been processed and posted to you the next day.

What if my payment isn't showing? keyboard_arrow_down

Remember if we're paying you by bank transfer this can take 5 working days to show in your account or alternatively funds can take 3 working days to show in your PayPal account. If these timeframes have elapsed, no worries just contact us by clicking here and we will do whatever it takes to resolve any issues. Cheques can also take 5 working days to clear in your account.

How do I send in my items? keyboard_arrow_down

Send your trade in using our Free Parcel Motel service, you just find your most convenient Parcel Motel Locations and drop it in. You'll be given a receipt for your package, remember to keep this safe for proof of postage.

How do I package my items? What type of packaging can I use? keyboard_arrow_down

Choose a strong box which holds all of the items from your trade. Ensure the items inside are secure and will not move in transit. Securely fasten the package making sure there are no openings. Try to use one package where possible. We cannot be held accountable for items damaged in transit due to substandard packaging and will not pay for these items.

What if I've sent in an item I didn't mean to? keyboard_arrow_down

Unfortunately we are unable to return any items sent in error.

Can I send one trade in multiple packages? keyboard_arrow_down

If you are offered the Parcel Motel facility this must be in one package (under 10kgs). You may use more than one package if you are using our FREE courier service (over 10kgs).

Can I drop my trade off at your warehouse/ headquarters? keyboard_arrow_down

As part of our lease terms our facilities are not open to the general public, which is why you need to use our FREE Collect+ or one of our FREE courier service partners.

Can I have my package collected? keyboard_arrow_down

The quantity and value of your trade will determine whether you are offered the Parcel Motel drop off or our FREE courier service.

How secure is the service? keyboard_arrow_down

The Parcel Motel and our FREE courier services are safe and secure. They are designed for your convenience so once you have sent your package you can relax.

Are my items insured? keyboard_arrow_down

Of course they are, up to the value of your items in each parcel.

What happens if the items I've sent in aren't of good enough condition? keyboard_arrow_down

We will recalculate the offer for any item that doesn't meet our standards set out. We'll still try to offer as much as we can. You'll receive an email informing you of the new offer price and your trade will be updated on your TRADE DETAILS screen.

What is the benefit of signing up for an account with you? keyboard_arrow_down

Signing up for an account makes it quicker and easier for you to complete a trade, track previous trades and edit your account information.

How do you use my personal details? keyboard_arrow_down

We don't share your personal details with any third party. Your information is protected by our extended verification system.

If I want to send in regular, bulk trades how do I do this? keyboard_arrow_down

Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer a group or community facility to trade items from lots of people as one? keyboard_arrow_down

At present we don't offer this facility. Please contact us at and we may be able to offer a bespoke service for you.

How long do I have to send my trade items in? keyboard_arrow_down

We need to receive your package within 28 days from the day that you completed the trade. Otherwise your trade will expire. We will email a week before your trade is due to expire to remind you.

Do you buy from outside the UK or Ireland? keyboard_arrow_down

Unfortunately this is not something we currently offer.

Will it cost me anything? keyboard_arrow_down

Only a little bit of your time. The idea is that you benefit and earn money from your unwanted items.

Do you offer more than competitors and do you price match? keyboard_arrow_down

We offer fair value and don't take competitors offers into consideration so we are unable to price match.

What should I do if my trade has expired? keyboard_arrow_down

If you visit 'My Account' and view the expired trade there will be an option called 'Recalculate'. Upon pressing this button we will re-check the current value of your expired trade and add it to your basket (some items may be rejected).

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