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Sell CDs

Sell my CDs online

We’ve made it even easier to sell and trade your old CDs for cash online.

Simply enter or scan your barcodes on the back of your CD case to get an instant quote for any CD.

Sell CDs

Selling your CDs online with Ziffit

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your old CDs for cash? That’s where Ziffit comes in. Our priority is to make selling your CDs, and other items as hassle-free as possible, and with our easy to follow process and free postal service you can make money without even having to leave the house!

Have you got a CD collection that is slowly gathering dust? Many people access their music online these days so may find their once much-loved CDs are no longer necessary. Perhaps you want to free up some space or de-clutter your house, or maybe you could just do with the extra cash?

Perhaps your tastes have evolved, and while you once threw yourself into a mosh pit with gay abandon you now prefer listening to some soft jazz from the comfort of your living room? Or, perhaps, while back in the day you were in the front row screaming the lyrics from each and every single created by that floppy-haired, dreamy-eyed boy band, you are now far more likely to be found boogieing in your kitchen to some classic funk n’ soul?

Whatever your reasons, if you're looking to sell your old CDs online, make sure you use Ziffit - the most convenient and fastest way to turn your old unwanted items into cash. 

Why Sell My CDs to Ziffit?

We are proud to offer a free, no-obligation service so you can find out exactly how much your CDs are worth in a matter of seconds. 

Just find and enter the barcodes of your CDs on our website, review the quotes and if you are happy with what we offer then you can proceed to checkout to complete the deal. You can even use our handy app to scan barcodes and sell items on the go. 

Better still, you choose how you get paid, and we offer a number of payment options so just let us know what suits you. We can pay via:

  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal payments 
  • Cheques
  • Instant Cash Voucher(new!)

We strive to make our payments as quickly as possible after completing a trade.

Selling your CDs really has never been easier, and you can find yourself with a done deal in a matter of minutes - and the best bit is it won't cost you a penny.  When you’ve gone through the checkout process just send your items to us, completely free of charge.

Got loads to sell? No worries! We are proud to offer a free collection courier service for trades over a certain weight and will come to your door, so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy items to a post office. Even if you don’t qualify all you need to do is take your CDs to your nearest Collect+ store and send them free of charge.

What types of CDs can I sell through Ziffit?

At Ziffit, we know that everybody has their own musical tastes. Whether you’re ready to part with your extensive drone metal collection or are the proud owner of every single chart-topping cheesy pop song ever to be released we’ll be happy to take them off your hands - there’s no judgement here.

While we aren't able to accept all CDs, we are certainly happy to pay for most - whatever they may be. So whether you've digitised your entire collection, made a few musical blunders in your time or are holding onto unwanted gifts from friends or relatives who thought your tastes were more Bon Jovi than Britney, it certainly pays to find out what your CDs are worth with Ziffit. While you might not want them anymore, we almost certainly do.

What’s an acceptable condition for CDs?

While we are happy to take used CDs we do ask that they are free from scratches and damage, so please do check that they are in a usable condition before posting. We, unfortunately, can’t return damaged CDs we receive but will reject and recycle them if they are in very poor condition. 

What is an EAN?

EAN is short for European Article Number. This is the barcode we need to give you a price we’ll pay for your stuff. An EAN is a 12- or 13-digit number and you can find it on the CD case. Each EAN is totally unique and identifies the product, manufacturer, and other attributes.

Trade in Your DVDs, Games and Books too!

Here are Ziffit we’re happy to take DVDs, games and books off your hands too, so why not trade them in at the same time? You need to have over ten items to sell, or the value of your stuff should be worth over a fiver and then you’re ready to make a trade. Turn your things into money, fast!

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Get paid via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque