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We’ve made it even easier to sell and trade your games for cash online.

Just enter your barcodes to get an instant quote for any game from any console.

Sell Games

Selling my games online with Ziffit

If you want to sell your games online, you’ve come to the right place. At Ziffit, we’ve made the process of selling your PC and console games quick, simple and effortless so you can receive cash for your old games completely hassle-free.

If you’ve got games you don’t play anymore, have already completed or are just a little bored of, you can trade them in with us in exchange for cash to fund your next gaming purchase, or just to spend on whatever you like.

We want to make sure your experience selling games with us is a great one. New or old, we aim to always deliver the highest prices, the quickest payments and the best service every time. From Xbox One and PS4 games to Wii and N64, if it has a barcode and is in good condition, you can trade it with Ziffit.

How do I sell my games online with Ziffit?

The great news is that you can now trade in your games at any time and from anywhere (in the UK and Ireland). As long as you have an Internet connection, a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can Ziffit your stuff. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home, and if you’ve got lots to sell we’ll even come and pick it up for you, so no need to worry about lugging it all to the local post office.

To sell your games simply enter the barcodes and you’ll receive an instant quote. As soon as you have over £5 worth of games, you will be able to complete a trade. Of course, you can keep going and going, depending on how many games you have to sell. You can combine games with books, DVDs, and CDs to make up your trade too.

After I’ve sold my games, how do I send them to Ziffit?

We know that one of the reasons people get put off selling their games is the hassle of sending them off or carrying them to a shop only to be disappointed by the price they are offered. That’s why we make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you agree to sell, and once you do, getting your games to us after you’ve sold them is so easy. 

Ziffit takes care of delivery for you and currently offers two different methods, a FREE Collect+ drop-off or a FREE courier service. 

We will let you know which delivery method we can offer during the checkout process, as we calculate this depending on the combined weight of what you’re selling - but rest assured that we take care of the delivery costs either way, so you get every single penny of the price we offer. It’s that easy!

H2: Are there any condition requirements to sell my games for cash?

We need the games we accept to be in good working order, so please make sure you check them before sending them into us. On receipt, we will give them a good once over and test them at Ziffit HQ before we can send out payment. 

Please note that items that are damaged or scratched will be rejected. We also, unfortunately, cannot return rejected items, so it's essential that you take care to only send those that are in good condition and include all inserts. We do recycle any games that we cannot accept.

H2: How do I get paid after selling my games?

Ah, the million dollar question (though not literally unless you’ve got a LOT of games to sell).

Once we’ve accepted your games, we aim to get your money to you quickly as we can. For your convenience we are pleased to offer a variety of payment methods, these include:

  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal payments 
  • Cheques
  • Instant Cash Voucher(new!)

It’s up to you how you’d like to be paid, so just let us know.

Is there a quicker way to sell my games online?

Absolutely! If you don't fancy entering all those barcodes on, you can always download the Ziffit app to zap the barcodes. It is entirely free and includes a handy scanner so you can scan your items (while pretending you work in a shop if you like) in no time at all and then head straight to the checkout.

Selling games online just got a whole lot easier. So if you’ve got old games to sell for cash, remember that the quickest, easiest and most profitable way to do so is through!

What is an EAN?

EAN stands for European Article Number (EAN), This is your barcode which we need to give you a quote. It’s a 12- or 13-digit number most likely found on the box of your game. Each EAN is unique and identifies the product, manufacturer, and its attributes.

Trade in Your DVDs, CDs, and Books too!

Of course, you can also get rid of a few unwanted DVDs, CDs, and books at the same time. As long as you’ve got over ten items to sell, or your stuff is worth more than a fiver, we can make a trade. Turn your things into money, fast!

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Get paid via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque