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Are your bookcases buckling under the weight of your growing collection of books? Maybe you're downsizing ahead of a big move. Whatever your reasons, you can sell your fiction books on and earn some cash in the process.

We all become attached to books. Some more than others of course, but when the time comes to separate the wheat from the chaff it can be difficult to know what to do with your unwanted titles. While there are plenty of worthy options, provides the perfect solution for those looking to make a quick, hassle-free sale here in the UK.

All you need to do is enter the unique ISBN. We then do some quick calculations to work out if it is something that we want and how much your used books are worth. Of course you are under no obligation to accept any of our offers, but we certainly hope that you do.

Quick Payments, Hassle-free Service

One of the great things about using is that you have a wide choice of payment methods, including the option to donate all proceeds to charity. We work with JustGiving, allowing fundraisers to contribute directly to thousands of great causes.

Of course if charity begins at home, we also offer snappy transfers directly to your bank or PayPal account. These are sent as soon as a trade is complete, so you won't have to hang around waiting for a cheque to arrive.

Once you have amassed all your fiction books, new and old, it's time to send them to us. Fortunately this is beautifully straightforward and completely free. You will either be assigned a Collect+ drop-off or a courier collection; this is dependent entirely on the size of your trade, which is calculated automatically.

The Easy Way to Sell Your Used Fiction Books

All fiction books need to be checked on arrival, just to ensure that a few chapters aren't missing or that over-enthusiastic doodling has ruined certain pages. So while we don't expect the books to be perfect, we can't accept those that are barely in one piece.

So free up some space in your home, make a little money and get rid of those unwanted fiction books in one fell swoop. We have made it quick and easy to clear your clutter at, so what are you waiting for?

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Thank you! Over 13 million books, DVDs, CDs and games have been sold instantly to Ziffit.

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"The payment came through speedily and the whole transaction was a breeze. Easy transaction with the best prices given. I would use them again."


"Second time I have traded into Ziffit and the experience is fantastic. Within a few days Ziffit had accepted my order and had sent payment. Fantastic, I will be back a third time!"

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