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If the time has come to sell your PlayStation 3 games, then you've come to the right place. can offer you cash for most games, including those for the PS3. To find out what your stuff could be worth, just enter the barcode in the box above and hit the button. In no time at all you should receive a quote and have a choice to make - to trade or not to trade.

Whether you just want a little extra cash in your pocket or are planning to re-invest in the latest games, our straightforward service offers the perfect solution. Just scan them in, package them up and get it all in the post. When everything has been checked, we will transfer the money to your bank or PayPal account.

How Ziffit Works

It really couldn't be simpler. As well as PlayStation 3 games, we also buy books, DVDs and CDs. So you can mix and match everything within a single trade, just as long as you have 10 items or more.

To get a quote and start the trade process, just enter your barcodes. When you're finished and ready to proceed, you just need to arrange collection or delivery using our free services and that's pretty much it.

We offer free direct transfers to either a bank or PayPal account. However, if you are a fundraiser or enjoy supporting a particular charity, you can choose to donate all proceeds to a good cause through JustGiving. All payments are automatically triggered when items have been checked, so they should be available within a few days.

Making Money and Space

Most games have a limited shelf life. New replaces old, with the old new becoming the new old. As a result, many of us find ourselves with boxes full of PS3 games that are slowly gathering dust.

You can give them to friends, use the discs as very expensive drinks coasters or you could actually make a little cash for yourself and free up some space. That's where can help.

Just get together all of your unwanted PlayStation 3 games, along with any other games, DVDs, CDs or books you may have, and get an instant quote right now. You could make some extra cash and get rid of all those boxes that are cluttering up your home.

All we ask is that your discs are free from excessive scratches and that you have all of the usual inserts and manuals included. We do check all items, just to ensure that there is no significant damage and will reject any that fail these manual inspections.

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Over 13 million items traded in!

Thank you! Over 13 million books, DVDs, CDs and games have been sold instantly to Ziffit.

We have over twelve hundred reviews on the independent review website Trustpilot - read some of our five star reviews.

Trust Pilot top5


"The payment came through speedily and the whole transaction was a breeze. Easy transaction with the best prices given. I would use them again."


"Second time I have traded into Ziffit and the experience is fantastic. Within a few days Ziffit had accepted my order and had sent payment. Fantastic, I will be back a third time!"

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