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Blur Vs Oasis Battle Of The Bands

The nineties saw the surge in BritPop acts dominating the airwaves. This led to a number of high-profile rivalries between bands, desperate to make their mark on the British music scene. We’ve…

Unveiling the Fantastic New Ziffit Android App

It’s finally here! The Ziffit Android app has arrived and is available to download for FREE in the Google Play Store today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Download The Ziffit App

So, Ziffit have an app. It has finally happened, we are officially mobile. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iAnything Else for that matter, you can now scan in all of those lovely books, games, CDs and…

Ziffit App – DOWNLOAD NOW!

iOS version is out now, click above to download. Android version out 23/12/2013!