Sell retro games
Sell retro games

Sell my retro games online

You could be sitting on a mini goldmine, filled with N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and Playstation goodies.

If you've got a cupboard full of classic games gathering dust, you could exchange them for cash with Ziffit.

Looking to Sell Your Retro Games? 

Retro games are great for playing for old times sake, and can bring back fond memories of your misspent youth, but if you’re ready to part with them you might as well make some money while you are at it.

While you may have abandoned them a long time ago, in favour of more recent games, here at Ziffit we are still happy to consider any game with a barcode. 

The only thing that we do ask is that they are in good working order and haven't taken a Chun-Li lightning kick to the chops.

What’s great about using Ziffit to sell us your retro games is that we’ve worked hard to make the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. You can sell your games via our website or by downloading our app. Just type in or scan those barcodes (usually found on the cases your games came in) and we’ll let you know in super quick speed just how much we can pay you for them.

If you like our quote (and we hope you will as we pride ourselves in offering the best deals around), then you can add the game to your basket and then repeat the process until you’ve got nothing left to sell. We do need the games to have a barcode so unfortunately if you can’t find one, we won’t be able to buy your items. 

To complete a trade you just need to let us know how you would like us to pay you. We offer a number of payment options so just pick the one that you’d prefer. Our payment options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal payment
  • Cheque

We will just need a few details from you to set up the payment, and then everything will be in place to get that processed for you when we receive your games in the post. Which leads us nicely to…

How do I send my retro games to you? 

We probably should have mentioned that is an entirely free service and the great news is that collection is also included. The method of delivery will be assigned automatically based on the weight of your items. Larger trades will need to be collected by our complimentary courier service, so you just need to box up those games, and we’ll do the rest.

All other trades can simply be dropped off at one of over 5,000 Collect+ stores, so you can head to the one closest to you.

That's it! Once your items are in the post, just sit back and wait for your payment to arrive. 

Of course, if you do have any questions or concerns check out our FAQs or get in contact with our helpful customer services team. We’re always happy to help. 

Selling your old games to Ziffit has never been easier!

We really do like to keep things simple at Ziffit, and we want to make sure that you can sell your retro games and get your money as quickly and easily as possible. 

It’s hard enough having a clear out without having to then drag all your stuff somewhere in the hope that it will sell, or put it up for sale without any guarantee anyone will buy it. 

That’s why at Ziffit you get instant quotes and as long as we receive your retro games free from scratches and with the right cases, all the discs and relevant information then you can rest assured that you’ll receive your payment, without having to lift a finger!

Do you want any of my other old stuff?

Yes, we do! We’d love to buy your old games, DVDs, CDs and second-hand books too. You can add all your items together in one trade - just input those barcodes to see how much you can make. It really is as simple as that!

Clutter-to-money in four easy steps



Get paid via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque