Ziffit USA - Transaction Terms v4.0

Effective Date: Sept 23, 2021

  1. These terms
  2. Who are we and how you contact us
  3. Privacy and acceptable use
  4. This contract and your promises
  5. Acceptance criteria for items
  6. Rejection of items and cancellation of trades
  7. Valuation and pricing of your items
  8. Shipping and delivery
  9. Receipt, ownership, risk and processing of the items
  10. Payment terms
  11. Offers, bonuses, and competitions
  1. These terms

Welcome to Ziffit.

What these terms are for: These are the terms and conditions (‘Transaction Terms’) that govern the provision of our Services. Ziffit provides users the opportunity to trade-in their old books by purchasing such items and providing a pricing tool, pre-paid shipping, and payment in accordance with these Terms of Use (the ‘Services’). The Terms of Use also govern your use of the Services.

Why you should read them: please read these Transaction Terms carefully before you agree to sell us your items (by clicking to complete any trade or transaction) using the Services (a ‘trade‘) as by using the Services and clicking to complete any trade you signify that you have read and agreed to be bound by these Transaction Terms.

What these Transaction Terms cover: These Transaction Terms tell you how we process your trade (including what items we accept and reject, and what happens if we reject them), how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information regarding your transaction with Ziffit.


  1. Who are we and how you contact us

World of Books Incorporated (‘Ziffit’, ‘we,’ ‘us,’ etc.) operates https://www.ziffit.com/en-us and its related mobile application (collectively, the ‘Website’). Ziffit’s head office address is Corporation Trust Center, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware (USA) 19801. Ziffit’s warehouse and customer service contact address is 10600 Toebben Drive, Independence, KY 41051

How to contact us:

10600 Toebben Drive
KY 41051

Or through email using our contact us form.

If you are emailing us please include trade details (such as your trade number) to help us identify it. If there is anything you don’t understand or you think that there is a mistake in these Transaction Terms please contact us using these details.

  1. Privacy and acceptable use

In order to provide the Services, and to process your trades, we may collect and process personal information you provide us when registering with us and when carrying out a trade. For information on how we use and process your personal information please see our Privacy Policy. Please also review our General Terms, which also govern your use of the Website and Services.

  1. This contract and your promises

Trade process and contract: Our Website will guide you through the steps you need to take to create a trade. This process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your trade. Please make sure you check your trade at each stage of the trade process.

When a contract is formed:

The contract for a trade between you and us is formed when you click to ‘Complete’ your trade using the Services and we send you an email confirmation. Please ensure that you add admin@ziffit.com to your email safe sender list. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk and spam folders before contacting us. It is your responsibility to check you have entered the correct email address at the time of your trade.

There is a minimum trade value of $15. We are not able to accept trades below this.

Your promises:

By creating a trade you promise that:

  1. you are a US resident (accessing the Services in the US) and are at least 18 years old (or if you are under 18, that you have obtained your parent's or guardian's consent to sell your items to us).
  2. you will only open one account per person. If you have more than one account, we shall have the right to terminate your accounts immediately, cancel any active trades, and charge you a reasonable administration fee of $25.
  3. you are the legal owner of the items, you have the right to sell them to us, and they meet all the acceptance criteria (see section 5 below).
  4. you have checked and confirmed that the items you are trading in are original and are not counterfeit items. We do not accept any counterfeit books and we take the management of this very seriously. This is covered by the acceptance criteria (see section 5 below).
  5. you are a consumer. These Transaction Terms apply to your use of the Services as a consumer. You confirm that you are not acting as a business (which includes placing trades in the course of your trade or profession). Any unauthorized use by a business may result in us blocking your account and disposing of your items (and we will only return your items if you pay our administration charge within 5 days of our notice).

If you would like to use the Services or make any trades as a business, please contact us.

Changes to these Transaction Terms: we reserve the right to change these Transaction Terms from time to time and you should look through them as often as possible. Where we have changed these Transaction Terms in a material way, we will inform you either by posting a notice on our website or our app, or by emailing you. The earlier Transaction Terms will continue to apply to any outstanding trades.

  1. Acceptance criteria for items

All items must meet the following criteria to be accepted and for payment to be made. Acceptance will only happen once the items pass our quality assessment (which uses the criteria below and in section 6.1). We may reject items that do not meet all of these criteria, and cancel or amend your order (see section 6 below).

  1. the items must only be books. No other types of items will be accepted.
  2. the items must be original items and not counterfeit, fake, imitation, or other non-original items (‘false copies’).
  3. the items must not be (or contain any) illegal, stolen, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libelous, inflammatory, dangerous, or toxic material, or any material which would cause harm or offence to a reasonable person or incite any person to hatred or crime (‘offensive items’).
  4. you must ensure that the original barcode and ISBN numbers on the items exactly match those in your order, and that the barcode is not missing or defaced.
  5. the items must be identical to the items you specify when you submit your order, and they must match any indicated covers, sleeves, and other notes and instructions. We will reject, and may charge you a reasonable administration fee for any differing items or items included by mistake.
  6. each individual item should be different from the other items in the same order and your prior orders (and we may reject orders that contain multiple copies of the same item(s) and/or repeat orders that contain the same item(s)).
  7. all items must be free of any and all security tags or any other extraneous addition that may prevent the item from being sold on.
  8. all items must be in good condition, intact, and free from damage (including being free from mold, water damage, other liquid damage, and any, annotation, writing, stamps, answers, handwritten inscriptions, or third-party markings, and each item must contain all original inclusions and supplements such as disks, covers, dust jackets and gifts, which must also be in good condition).
  9. Items must also have no missing or discolored pages, be free from age-related spots, tears, creasing and browning, and contain a clear, undamaged ISBN number (which is a 9, 10 or 13 digit number unique to each book that usually appears underneath the barcode) that matches the book and edition you indicated when placing your order.
  10. In addition to section 5.b referenced above, there are specific conditions and acceptance criteria that purvey to textbooks. Items sent to us must meet EPEG guidelines set out here.. Including, but not limited to dimension data, cover quality, text paper quality, text printing, binding, end sheets / inserts and other factors such as the incorrect ISBN or missing pages. We reserve the right to report offenders to the EPEG or to other textbook publishers.
  1. Rejection of items and cancellation of trades

Reasons for rejection: we reserve the right to, at our sole discretion, reject items and/or cancel or amend your order where:

  1. the items do not fully meet any of the criteria set out in section 5.
  2. any of your promises in section 4 above are untrue.
  3. we suspect the producer or original owner has restricted the item’s resale.
  4. we do not receive the item within 30 days of your order (and/or the items are incorrectly sent to us (see section 8 below)).
  5. one or more of the items was listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error (or an error in the pricing information stated by us).
  6. we suspect the item in non-genuine / counterfeit as detailed above in section 5.j.

We will try to act reasonably when assessing your items. However, you acknowledge that our decision is final on whether an item meets the acceptance criteria and/or falls within one of the categories in section 6 above.

Consequences of rejection or cancellation: If your order is cancelled before you send the items, neither you or we will have any further liability or obligations.

If we reject your items and/or cancel or amend your order we will notify you by email. If the cancellation is due to our fault, or our postage providers fault, we will either send the items back to you free of charge or alternatively pay you the valuation price we quoted for the items at the time of order.

If the cancellation is due to your fault or error (including without limitation, where the items do not fully meet any of the criteria set out in section 6, or any of your promises in section 4 are untrue), the items will be disposed of in a responsible manner, you will not be paid for them, and they cannot under any circumstances be returned. We will not be liable for any claims or losses arising from such disposal, and we may charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your errors.

Your right to cancel:

You may cancel your order any time up until the point where you ship the items to us by contacting us using the contact details at section 2.2. You cannot cancel an order once you ship the items to us (e.g. if you have handed over the items to a FedEx drop off location).

Illegal and offensive materials:

If we believe any of your items are false copies or offensive items, we will dispose of these at our sole discretion and we will not be liable for any claims or losses arising from such disposal. All such false copies and offensive items will not be paid for, will not be returned to you, and we may report such incidents to the relevant authorities. You understand, agree and accept that our decision as to whether the items are false copies or offensive items is at our sole discretion and final.

  1. Valuation and pricing of your items

Price and validity of valuations: The prices we offer for your items on our website and app (‘valuation’) are only valid for 24 hours from when you enter the barcode. If it has been more than 24 hours since you entered the barcode, the valuation for the item may be updated at the time you place the order.

Our pricing is dynamically updated based on our stocks of items and market prices and so you may get different valuations for the same item on our app and our website.

Saved baskets of items are only valid for 30 days, and will be removed after this period.

The payment we make is based on the value offered at the time of order.

Pricing not to be shared: You promise that you will not publicize or disclose to any third party any Ziffit pricing, offers or valuations or share them on any other websites, mobile applications or comparison websites/services without our prior consent.

Accuracy of information and price: When you place your order, the information that you provide to us about your items may affect the valuation for the items so please make sure that all information you provide to us is accurate.

  1. Shipping and delivery

Sending your items: once you have placed your order, and you are happy your items meet all of the acceptance criteria, you will need to send them to us. When sending your items, you must do the following, or we may cancel the trade:

  1. obtain proof of shipping and use the right delivery method:
    1. FedEx Drop Off: You must print and properly attach the address label(s) we provide to you at the time of your order. You should affix a label to each box. The boxes must be sent at the same time.
  2. ensure that all items are appropriately packaged and secured properly, with no openings. Please read our packaging guidelines (available on our website) and make sure your package complies with them. Choose a strong box which holds all of the items from your trade. Ensure the items inside are secure and will not move in transit. We cannot be held accountable for items damaged in transit due to substandard packaging and will not pay for these items.
  3. ensure that all parts of one order are sent at the same time. Should we receive only part of your order, we will cancel items that have not been received, and process the items we have received. We will not be accountable for incomplete orders. You might be paid a reduced amount reflecting any additional postage costs incurred by us for a trade not meeting our minimum volume.
  4. where you have multiple trades, you must not put items from different trades into the same box. We reserve the right to reject any items from either trade if they have been packed into the same box.

Shipping charges:

We will pay for the shipping costs of orders shipped to us using the delivery methods set out in section 8. We will not pay for any postage costs if you do not use our specified delivery methods.

Liability for items transit: Transit will start when a parcel is handed to the FedEx drop-off location. Items lost while in the care of FedEx are FedEx’s responsibility. If you wish to make a claim that your parcel is lost or damaged, you must notify us within 14 days of collection or shipment (as applicable) of your items, to give us enough time to raise any claim with the courier on your behalf. If you do not notify us within this time, you may not be able to claim for your lost or damaged items. We will investigate the validity of any claim, and where valid, we will raise a claim with the courier. We will notify you in writing of the outcome of our investigation or claim (as applicable). If your claim is successful, we will pay you an amount equal to the valuation of the missing items. Please note that we cannot otherwise accept liability for loss or damage to the items until they have been received by us at our warehouse (unless caused by our default).

  1. Receipt, ownership, risk and processing of the items

Ownership and risk:

Once we have received your items ownership of the items passes immediately and irrevocably to us. You promise that you have the necessary ownership rights or authority for ownership to pass to us on receipt. Risk of damage passes to us when we receive the items.

Our processing of the items:

  1. We will send you regular communications via email regarding the process and status of each trade, including whether the items have been accepted or rejected. You may also log into your account for order history updates.
  2. Although we will use reasonable endeavors to process items quickly, we cannot guarantee that we will process your items and complete the transaction within a certain timescale. As a guide to helping you understand the timescales involved: parcels can take up to 7 working days from shipping to receipt. Once we receive them, we will check and process them within 7 days (although during busy periods this may take a little longer).
  1. Payment terms

Payment will only be made for items that we have received, processed and accepted in accordance with the acceptance criteria in section 5 and have not been rejected under section 6) (‘acceptance of the items’). All payments are made by the payment method you select at the time of the order.

Timing of payments: All payments may take up to 5 banking days to clear our and your accounts. We will make PayPal and electronic check transfer (ACH) payments within 3 days of our acceptance of the items.

  1. Please ensure that you have provided us with correct details at the time you place an order. We will not be responsible for delays or failures caused by your incorrect details. If a bank (or PayPal) refuses to clear a payment because of an error in the name, banking, or address details you have provided to us, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee in a form of deduction from the valuation. Payment reissues will then only be made by ACH and you will be required to provide us with your bank account details. If you provide incorrect details for any reissued payment we may apply an additional administration charge by way of a further deduction from the valuation.
  2. You agree that some of the payment methods depend on third parties (who we cannot and do not control) to process these payment including, but not limited to, payments by bank transfer (ACH). Payments may be subject to validation and security checks.
  1. Offers, bonuses, and competitions

From time to time, we may run promotional offers including, but not limited to, flat monetary or valuation percentage additions or bonuses to valuations (‘Offers’).

Offers will be subject to a minimum trade value (e.g. for $15) or amount, and the Offer will only be added to the valuation after it reaches that minimum stated value. The bonus amounts and minimum levels are non-negotiable.

Other stipulations and conditions might apply and will be clearly stated on the relevant marketing material for the offer (for example, new customer only offers).

Offers are applicable to one order (unless otherwise stated) and on one account only. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Ziffit may withhold the Offer amount if, after we assess the quality of the trade items, the value of the trade does not match the minimum value eligible for the bonus.

We may also from time to time run completions, prize draws, and other contests (together ‘Contests’). The full terms and conditions applicable to a particular Contest will be displayed on our website (and, where applicable, our app) at the time.