52 money making hacks you need in your life right now


52 money making hacks you need in your life right now

Here at Ziffit we know how far a little extra money can go. So we've come up with 52 simple money making tips (one for every week of the year) that could help you earn some extra cash. Whether you're saving for a holiday, planning a wedding or just looking to make some extra cash - take a look and see how much you could be earning.

1. Sell your unwanted stuff at boot sales

2. Buy from boot sales/charity shops to resell at higher value

3. Clothes swaps – take advantage of sites such as pre-loved and Vinted. Or why not set up your own?

4. Online surveys – sign up to take online surveys and you can earn yourself cash or loyalty points

5. Loyalty point schemes – mix up your weekly shop to take advantage of the different offers they have on the products you buy

6. Rent parking spaces – got a driveway or garage you don’t use, why not rent it out to commuters?

7. Bank account with perks/cashback – many accounts now offer cashback on certain items as well as household bills

8. Use cashback sites – for anything from car insurance, to furniture and electrical goods

9. Sell your old phones – got a drawer full of old handsets? These could be worth a little bit of money if you sell them online

10. Refer a friend for a job – many employers offer cash incentives as part of their employee referral schemes

11. Sell your old CDs – get rid of any of your unwanted CDs with trade in sites, such as Ziffit!

12. Product tester – sign up to become a product tester with online companies

13. Rent out spare room – earn some cash by getting a new roommate, housing students or letting it out on homestay sites

14. Enter competitions online – be prepared for a lot of emails and texts, but you could find yourself winning some pretty impressive prizes

15. App and website reviews – companies often incentivise people to test their apps and websites for them

16. Arts and crafts seller – if you’ve got a knack for knitting or perhaps you’re a budding artist, why not sell your items on marketplaces to earn some extra cash?

17. Second language? Become a translator in your spare time

18. Sell your unwanted DVDs – with the rise in subscription services, now might be the time to clear out your old DVDs and earn some money for them

19. Grow your own vegetables and herbs – you don’t need lots of space to do this, you can easily grow fresh produce in window boxes. They taste great and save you some money

20. Shop “off-brand” – don’t always reach for the branded produce! Off-brand is as good a quality and often much cheaper. Whether it’s fashion or food.

21. Switch to making coffee at home – ditch the daily posh coffee purchase and make your own at home. It’s cheaper and better for the environment

22. Cook-smart – buy in bulk and make big batches of meals to freeze. It helps you become more organised and it’s a quick and easy solution to cooking!

23. Sell your wedding dress – despite the sentimental value, there’s not much else you can do with an old wedding dress, so why not have it cleaned up and sell it?

24. Sell your old books – If you’re done with a book and don’t intend to read it again, don’t let it collect dust on your shelves, sell it and earn some money

25. You can also sell old text books – finished your studies? Sell your old text books and make some money to pay for those end of school year celebrations

26. Reclaim for tube/train delays – if you’re a regular commuter, or even just a one-off traveller hit by delays, make sure you claim back the cost of your ticket if the service is delayed or cancelled

27. Get paid to watch TV – that’s right, there are companies out there who will incentivise you to watch TV!

28. Have a go at Mystery Shopping – search for mystery shopping UK and you’ll find a number of companies who will pay you to shop!

29. Pet-sitting – there’s some great apps and services out there that can pair you with people in your local area who need a pet-sitter

30. Plant-sitting – funnily enough, this is a thing. Offer to water plants for neighbours, friends and family

31. Baby-sitting – is a great way to earn a little extra cash on your spare evenings. Check out local adverts, download handy apps or simply offer for friends

32. Try your hand at becoming a TV extra – this may take up some of your time but is a fun way to get some extra pennies. And who knows? Hollywood may come calling

33. Switch bank accounts – a lot of banks offer a cash incentive to switch to them so it’s worth shopping around to see what’s on offer

34. Dine out as a mystery diner – earn money and sample some tasty grub? What more could you ask for?

35. Sell your photos – if you fancy yourself as a budding photographer, you could make money selling your photos to stock photography companies online.

36. Ditch the trolley or shopping basket when you need to pick up a few things – so you only carry what you need

37. Share/sell recipes online – this is something that has become increasingly popular in the US however there are some sites in the UK where you can sell recipe ideas.

38. Shop second-hand/vintage clothes – if you’re a fan of designer labels but not their price tag, try shopping second hand to grab yourself a bargain

39. Sell your unwanted clothes online – if you’ve got lots of clothes stashed away that you no longer wear, sell them on marketplace/boot sale apps

40. Buy books second hand – if you’re not precious whether a book has been read before, you could save lots of money buying second hand

41. Search boot-sale app/sites for local bargains – these sites are great if you’re looking for a good deal on furniture, appliances and even cars

42. Use coupons whenever you can – whether it’s to get extra loyalty points, discount or extra goods, take advantage of them

43. Become an exam invigilator – if you’ve got a few extra days a week spare, you could earn money keeping an eye on students whilst sitting their exams

44. Seasonal role – you could pick up some extra pennies during the festive season dressing up as Father Christmas or his helpers in local shopping centres

45. Ironing service – take the load off of someone else and do their ironing for them

46. Switch energy suppliers – a lot of people will stay with the same energy supplier as the hassle of switching can be daunting. It’s worth shopping around to make sure you’re not paying more than you should

47. Supermarket sweep – compare the prices of the things you buy across supermarkets against each other

48. Have 2 days a month where you spend nothing – no spending days are really a really handy way to curb your spending habits

49. Lift share to cut travel costs – sharing the commute with colleagues local to you is a good way to save cash and also doing your bit for the environment

50. Collect small change in a jar – you’ll be surprised how much cash you’ll save

51. Haggle with your satellite TV provider to try and reduce the monthly costs

52. Ditch the dye – go back to your natural colour to avoid expensive trips to the hairdressers