The Art of Flipping Books


The Art of Flipping Books


Flipping items for cash is no new phenomenon. From sports memorabilia to musical instruments, and businesses to books - flipping items is a great way to earn extra (and frequently a lot) of cash. Here at Ziffit we are grateful to have a base of customers flipping books regularly, enabling us to rescue and rehome millions of books per year and prevent them from going to waste. Read below for some tips on the art of flipping books.


Start small, aim high

It’s best to start small, perhaps with the books you’ve read on your shelf just to see how the process works. This way you’ll get a feel if flipping books is something you’d like to continue. Look in the loft for old textbooks, fiction books or your old childhood books and sell these. Then you can begin to actively search for books to flip that you don’t already own!

Buy low, sell higher

The best book flippers are those with good math skills. Knowing how much you need to sell to make a profit is the key to your operation - no matter how small or large. $5 might be great for an offer - but if you paid $4.98 then unless you are selling thousands of books, it’s going to take a long time before you can afford a Taco bell. You want to try to make good margins, though as you scale up this might reduce, you’ll still be making a profit.

Keep organised

You’ll want to keep a track of your outgoings and incomings. A simple spreadsheet will do, to record how much you are spending and making each month. If you’ve made a profit at the end of it you can count it a success and begin to...



Scale up

Now you’ve got the art of flipping down to a T, it’s time to scale up. Search for new places to find stock to shift. The hustle never ends when you are selling books - as they can be read and read over again. As long as they are still in good condition, someone somewhere will probably be looking to read it.

Feel good when you flip

Not only are you helping yourself, but you’re also helping the planet. With every book flipped, it’s a little win for the earth.

Two birds with one phone

With our handy app, the opportunity to flip books is never far out of reach. Scan books and get an instant valuation. Calculate if you’ll make enough profit. Buy the books, build your cart, and complete your trade. Wait to get paid.

Find, Flip, and do it with Ziffit.



Find, Flip, and do it with Ziffit!

Do you have bulk books to sell? Read our blog post to find out how to scan in bulk with Ziffit.

What tips do you have for flipping books and other items? Let us know in the comments.


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