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Want to make the most out of Ziffit?

Your earning potential from selling with Ziffit is limitless!*

Use Ziffit as a fun hobby, a serious side hustle, or an effective way to shift excess stock. There are many reasons to trade at a pro-level!

Have a read about the different ways that our customers use Ziffit to make more than just a little extra cash from books.

It's great fun to use Ziffit and find out how much you can make from unwanted items! I've sold many of my family and friends' items that they no longer need. It fills my spare time and I can make extra cash.
I use Ziffit to supplement my regular income, it's a great way to earn extra cash by flipping books I buy, and I can use it towards trips with the family or help with the bills!
I used Ziffit to clear my prized collection I had gathered over the years. I got extra cash and I know they'll be loved and reused by someone else!
We use Ziffit to clear excess stock from our warehouse. It's a quick way to profit from the high volumes of items we acquire, rather than selling all in bulk, and less time consuming than selling individually.
We use Ziffit as another avenue to raise money for the local church. Our community donate items and together we raise much needed funds in a quick and easy way.

Could you see yourself using Ziffit regularly like any of our customers above?

You can use Ziffit in more ways than you might have imagined.

Top tips from our Ziffit Pros

1) Check the condition of your items thoroughly, to avoid them getting rejected when they arrive

2) Remember to save your trade regularly if you'll take a few days to scan your items don't risk losing the basket and having to start again

3) You don't have to scan just at home, you can use Ziffit to check prices anywhere you are

4) Even if it's not a book you might be interested in and don't think it'll be worth much, try scanning it anyway and you might be surprised!

5) Make sure to package your trade securely before sending to ensure it arrives in the condition it left you in.

The benefits of trading at pro level:

Access to exclusive promo codes*

Priority customer support through a unique email address*

And remember...

It's not always the most popular books that we're looking for OR that have the highest value

Trading on a regular basis with Ziffit is quick and simple and can fit easily around your lifestyle.

If you've got any questions about taking your trading to the next level, get in contact with and we'll be happy to help.

*Promo codes are sent on an Adhoc basis via our marketing communications. You will only receive these exclusive promos if you are a regular trader and if you are signed up to receive our marketing communications.

*The priority support email will be shared with you once you meet the qualifying threshold of trades/items. We aim to respond to all emails as quickly as possible (within 48 hours) though this may be longer during busy periods.

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