Why scan books in bulk?


Why scan books in bulk?


scan books in bulk

If you’ve got a large inventory of books to sell, you’ve found the right place here at Ziffit.


We’ve launched our Bulk Upload tool this year, which means you can now upload up to 100 ISBNs at a time. Quicker scanning and quicker selling. Once your file (csv or txt) is uploaded, our system will check to see what we are currently accepting and then automatically add the accepted items to your cart.

Then you can complete your trade as normal, as easy as that.


Who is the bulk uploader suitable for?


If you’re just looking to sell a few books from your bookshelf, then it’ll be easiest for you to scan your books on our free Android or IoS app.
However, if you’ve got something like a library's worth, and you have the ISBNs of the books you’d like to sell stored in a file, then scanning in bulk might be right for you.

There is no minimum upload amount, so if you really want to have a go with 10 books, then that’s okay too!


What are the benefits of using the bulk uploader?


  • Get a price offer for multiple ISBNs at the click of a button

  • Accepted items automatically added to your cart

  • Unlimited file uploads allowed per day

  • Complete your trade as normal after the file has been checked (no extra steps!)


How do I scan in bulk?

You’ll need to request permission in your account and our team will approve this for you.

Once they have, you can upload your file and start scanning in bulk.

For more information on how to get started, take a look at our Bulk Scanner page.




Feedback and thoughts

Have you used our bulk uploader tool yet?


We always welcome your suggestions! If you’ve got anything you think would improve the tool, or any other comments, then just get in touch at help.usa@ziffit.com


Happy uploading!


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