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Sell children’s books
Sell children’s books

Sell my children’s books

Selling kids books online has never been easier thanks to Ziffit.

At Ziffit we’re happy to receive a huge range of children’s books so however old or eclectic your collection the chances are we’ll accept them and will always strive to give you the very best price for them too.

How do I sell children’s books?

Whether your child has outgrown their books, and you need to free up space to buy some more age appropriate ones or you think if you read that bedtime story one more time you might actually go certifiably insane, or you’ve held onto your children’s book collection for a long time but are now ready to part with them, you can sell them through Ziffit and earn some cash in return.

All you need is the ISBNs which are usually found on the back of the books, this unique set of numbers provides us with all the information we need to let you know how much each book is worth. You can find out how much we can offer through our website or app (available for Android and iOS) and we’ll give you a quote right away. 

We know you’ve got better things to do with your precious time then having to wait to see if someone bids on your books or having to lug boxes of children’s books all over town to send them off. That’s why we’ve made selling your children’s books through Ziffit as convenient and straightforward as we possibly can.

For a start you’ll get your quote instantly. All you need to do is pop the books ISBNs into our website, or scan then via our handy app. Then we’ll let you know how much they are worth.

If you are happy with your quote (and you don’t have to be - there is no obligation to sell through us and we won’t pressure you to sell if you don’t want to) you can head to checkout and organise delivery.

Our delivery system is straightforward and completely free. Either we’ll ask you to kindly drop off your children’s books at your nearest Collect+ store, or if you are selling a lot of books, we can arrange for a courier to come and pick them up. We calculate which service you are eligible for on weight, so those that have a hefty load don’t need to worry about the logistics of getting their books somewhere - we’ll come right to your door!

What is an acceptable condition for children’s books?

We all know that children like to scrunch, munch and eat lunch while reading so we’re not expecting your children’s books to be in pristine condition and a few creased pages or adorable grubby fingerprints aren’t going to put us off. However, we do need your books to be in decent readable condition for the next person to enjoy. We check over every book we receive at Ziffit HQ and won’t be able to accept books that are:

  • Water damaged
  • With missing pages
  • Excessively doodled (however artistic)
  • With damaged or ripped covers or spines

We can’t return any books that we cannot accept so please do be honest about the condition of your books before you sell. 

Trade in Your DVDs, CDs, and other books also

Remember, we’re not just in the book business! We can take games, CDs, and DVDs too. If you are looking to turn your old, unwanted items into cash why not sell them through Ziffit today?

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