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No-vember Declutter


No-vember Declutter

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Sort-outs and clear-ups


The chillier months are upon us, and we’re all ready to wrap up in our layers and blankets. We’re (sort of) prepared for it to be much harder to get out of bed in the mornings. While we’re all likely to be cosied up inside for the foreseeable, we think it’s the perfect time to get sorting through the things in our home that we haven’t used in a while and be ready to admit that we no longer need them. It’s tempting to think ‘oh I haven’t used that in 3 years, but what if I need it later’ - about both cherished and non-cherished items in our homes. But it’s a great exercise to declutter every so often, and make space for new things, or just enjoy less things in our homes.


Tips for a declutter from our team:


  1. Go through one room, one section at a time to avoid lots of mess everywhere
  2. Sort your items into 'donate', 'sell', 'recycle', and 'keep' piles
  3. Go through the keep pile again - do you really need it? If you are unsure of anything - keep it, but give yourself a ‘not used? next time no’ rule.
  4. Once you go back to declutter again, if you haven’t used that item, it’s probably time for it to go.



We recommend doing a bigger declutter about 2-4 times a year, depending on how busy you are! Decluttering your stuff also paves the way to rearrange your rooms, and breathe fresh life into your space.





A clearer space creates a healthier mindset. That’s not to say having lots of stuff is a bad thing, but just make sure that stuff is really important to you, or regularly used by you. That’s the best way to ensure you are happy in your space, however big or small that is.

By selling or donating your stuff, someone else can appreciate your unused items - or you can get some extra cash in your pocket! With free drop off or collection, depending on the weight of your trade, you can make extra cash after your declutter, right here at Ziffit.

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