Sell my CDs
Sell CDs

Sell my CDs

Sell CDs online the easy way, with Ziffit

Scan your CDs’ barcodes using our app or enter the EANs to see how much your items are worth.

Have you got a CD collection that is slowly gathering dust? Why not make some money and declutter your home at the same time? Perhaps you listen to music online these days and find your once much-loved CDs are no longer necessary. Whatever the case, save yours from waste by trading in your CDs with Ziffit.


Sell CDs

So how does it work?

All you need to do is scan the barcodes using our book buying app or enter the ISBNs. Once you have reached a £5 total, or successfully scanned 10 items, you can complete your trade.
Choose your preferred payment method from these options:

  • - Bank Transfer
  • - PayPal

How do I send my CDs in?

You will be offered our FREE drop off service (up to 9kg) or our FREE courier collection service (over 9kg), depending on the weight of your items, which we’ll calculate.

What kind of CDs can I sell?

We accept a wide range of titles but unfortunately cannot accept ex-rental products or singles. Our acceptance rate changes based on factors such as demand, availability, and market conditions. If we can’t accept your CD one day, check back in the future!

What condition do my CDs need to be in?

All items we receive are tested by our quality control team once they reach Ziffit HQ. We will have to reject items which do not meet an acceptable condition for onward use. Please note, we cannot return items that are rejected, so please consider this before completing your trade.

Can I trade in other items with my CDs?

Absolutely! Send your books, DVDs, and games along in the box too!


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Over 20 million items traded in!

Thank you! Over 20 million items have been sold instantly to Ziffit worldwide.

We have over ten thousand reviews on the independent website Trustpilot, here are just a few...


“A straightforward and easy transaction with Ziffit, I would highly recomend and would use them again in an instant”


“The second time I have traded in to Ziffit and the experience is fantastic. Free to send my items in, and got paid quickly!”
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