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Packaging Guidelines


To ensure that your package reaches us safely, choose a strong box which will securely hold the weight of your items.

We cannot be held accountable for items damaged in transit due to substandard packaging and will not be able to pay for these items.

Please see the below images for advice on how to optimally pack your trade.


Stack boxes as neatly as possible. Placing the books in a row helps to prevent damage to the pages during transit.


These books are packed without order and are more susceptible to movement and therefore damage during transit.

By packaging your items correctly as in reference to the above, you can reduce the likelihood of your items being rejected upon arrival.

Where you have a large number of items, please pack these across multiple boxes. Each box must weigh no more than 16kg. This weight limit protects the health and safety of our partners and colleagues and ensures we are within legal weight limits.

Please pack your boxes considerately.

Where you have multiple trades, these must be packed in separate boxes. We reserve the right to reject any items from either trade if they have been packed into the same box.

For information on what condition your books, CDs, DVDs, and games must be in for your trade to be accepted, please read our condition guidelines.


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