Sell DVD Boxsets
Sell DVD Boxsets

Sell my DVD box sets online

Are you wondering what to do with your old DVD box sets?

Have you watched Friends so many times you couldn’t BE anymore fed up with them? Have you seen so many episodes of the Sopranos you’ve started to talk like a gangsta? Well, whadayagunnado about it?

So how do you sell DVD box sets to Ziffit?

Perhaps it is time to move on, free up some space and make room for some new TV programmes to get obsessed with, or you know, just go outside into the fresh air for a while.

At Ziffit we would be delighted, nay honoured, to take those old DVD box sets off your hands, and we’ll give you great prices for them too. The process of selling your DVD box sets through Ziffit is so straightforward you’ll wonder why you’ve hung onto them for so long.

All we need from you is the barcodes which you should find on your DVD cases. Just input the barcodes into the search box of our website or download our app if you want to scan them in. 

We’ll then give you a quote for each item letting you know how much we can pay you. If you are happy with that quote, and we hope you will be, just move the item into your basket and continue to input barcode of the other box sets you want to sell. All that we ask is that you have at least ten items or that the value of the trade is worth over a fiver for us to go ahead with the deal. 

When you’re done it’s time to head to checkout and here is where you can let us know how you would like to be paid. We like to give our customers choice so we’ve got a number of payment options for you to deliberate over including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal payment
  • Cheque

Just pick the one you want and we’ll ask for a few details to get that set up, so after we’ve received your items we can pay you promptly. 

Posting your old DVD box sets to us

Once the deal is done you can pack up your items and send them to us. We make sure that you get every single penny of the price we quoted you, so we make sure your postage is covered. 

We offer a couple of postage options and we’ll let you know which one you qualify for at checkout. We calculate based on weight so for heavier trades, our courier service can come and collect your stuff from your doorstep. For lighter trades, we ask you to simply drop your items off at your local Collect+ store. Either way both postage options are completely FREE.

Sounds great, is there a catch?

There really isn't one. You don't even have to accept our quotes. If you're not entirely happy with the amount offered, you can remove the item from your basket and continue adding DVD box sets at your own leisure. No hassle, no fuss, no pressure. 

What condition do you accept for DVD box sets?

Every item that we receive is checked, so please take the time to look over everything before you send your package to us. Scratched discs or cases that are missing discs cannot be accepted. We recommend that you take a look at each item and only send those that are included within the trade. If you do want to remove a DVD box set, a book or anything else for that matter, please let us know, and we can do this for you. 

At the moment we aren’t able to send damaged discs or incomplete sets back to you (we do recycle anything we can’t accept), so it’s well worth taking the time to give everything the once over before you send your stuff to us.

What else can I sell to Ziffit?

We also accept second-hand books, DVDs and CDs as well as other video games, and you can lump all your stuff together in one big trade and increase the amount of money you’ll earn. So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to sell your DVD box sets and turn them into cash today, make sure you use

Sell books on our app!

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