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Sell Fiction Books
Sell Fiction Books

Sell Fiction Books

Are your bookcases buckling under the weight of your growing collection of books? 

Maybe you're downsizing ahead of a big move? Or perhaps you are saving up for a special treat and could do with some extra cash? Whatever your reasons, you can sell your fiction books on and earn money while you are at it. 

How do I sell fiction books?

We all become attached to books, and every book lover has a few titles they are loathe to part with, but remember, a books only purpose is to be read, not sat on your shelf gathering dust - so if you’re ready to declutter, free up some space and let someone else fall in love with the stories just like you did, you can sell your books through

Ziffit provides the perfect solution for those looking to make a quick, hassle-free sale online. All you need to do is enter the unique ISBN which can be found on each book into our website or via our lovely app. 

We then do some mind-blowingly fast maths to provide you with an almost instant quote. We accept pretty much every title and try to offer our customers the very highest prices we can.

Of course, you are under no obligation to accept any of our offers, but we certainly hope that you do!

One of the best things about using Ziffit is that we offer a wide choice of payment methods, including the option to donate all proceeds to charity. Our payment options include:

  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal payments 

As soon as we have received and checked a trade we’ll make the payment, so you can have the money in as little as a week after you’ve checked out. 

Sending your books to us is also pretty much as simple as can be. Either you will be assigned a Collect+ drop-off or a courier collection; this is dependent entirely on the size of your trade, which is calculated automatically. 

Collect+ have over 5000 outlets across the UK so it should be easy to take your books to your nearest shop where you can send them free of charge. If you do qualify for our courier service (which we offer to those selling lots of books to save them the trouble of carrying them to a shop), we’ll arrange a suitable time to collect your books and then the deal is done!

Do you accept other types of books as well as fiction?

We do! In fact, we’ll pretty much take on any book providing you can send it to us in good, readable condition. Whether you’ve got a weird and wonderful collection of books on a very niche topic, a bunch of old textbooks from your student days, much loved but never going to be read again children’s books or anything else, if you’re ready to sell it, chances are we’ll be happy to take it off your hands. 

Just pop the ISBNs into our website or via our handy app, and you’ll receive an instant quote. We can’t promise we’ll accept absolutely every title, but if you don’t find out, well, you’ll never know, and you could be sitting on a hefty pile of cash that could go towards something you really want. 

What is an acceptable condition for fiction books?

All fiction books need to be checked on arrival, just to ensure that pages aren't missing or that over-enthusiastic doodling has ruined specific chapters. 

We’re not super strict on books being in perfect condition, in fact, we’d never reject a book just because it has been well-thumbed. Books are meant to be read after all! However, we do ask that you send them to us in decent condition so that the next reader can enjoy them as much as you have. 

With that in mind, please don’t send us books with water damage, excessive scribbling, missing pages or ripped or damaged covers. A few creases and the odd highlighted line, however, is fine by us. 

What’s next? How to send your fiction books to us

Now that you are well and truly bowled over by how simple the process is, we’re sure you are dying to know how to start exchanging those old fiction books for cash. 

If you’re happy with the quote we provided head over to the checkout. We’ll then arrange for your items to be posted to us completely free of charge.

We offer two postal services. For smaller trades, we will ask you to pack your items up and take them to your nearest Collect+ store, and you can send them off from there. However, we know that it can be a hassle lugging lots of bulky items such as books to a shop, and we want to make things as easy as possible for you. If your order is over a certain weight then we will arrange for a courier to come right to your doorstep to take your books off your hands - it really couldn’t get any easier than that.

Trade in Your DVDs, CDs, and other books also

It’s not just books we want! We’ve also got our eyes peeled for any unwanted games, DVDs, and CDs too. Whilst you're zapping away why not have a peruse of your old music and film collections to see if there is anything else you can send us? 
We need you to send us ten items or more, or for your trade to be worth over a fiver, so if you haven’t got enough books, get digging for games, DVDs and CDs to sell too! 

Now, if you are ready to free up some space in your home, make a little money and get rid of those unwanted fiction books in one fell swoop - we have made it quick and easy and wonderfully simple to clear your clutter with Ziffit.

Sell books on our app!

Turn your phone into a money making, clutter clearing, barcode scanner!

- Super fast barcode scanner

- Instant pricing

- Easy to use

Download the free Ziffit app today:

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