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Sell Xbox Games
Sell Xbox Games

Sell my Xbox One games online

Selling your Xbox One games online has never been more straightforward thanks to Ziffit. 

Content Block P: We know that most people in this busy, contemporary world don’t have the time to be lugging boxes of preloved games halfway across town just to make a buck or two - that’s why we’ve made the process of selling your Xbox One games online easy and hassle-free.

I’m in! But how do I get started?

If you are having a big spring clean, have decided that you need to stop staring at your TV screen so much and get out there in the big wide world or are just a bit bored of your current games and want to earn some cash, we are here to help. Whatever the reason for you wanting to sell, will be happy to take those old unwanted Xbox One games off your hands.

That’s the beauty of Ziffit, all you need to do is gather up your unwanted stuff, scan in the barcodes and we will give you a price.

First, collect all the games you want to sell together, then all you have to do is type in the barcodes via the search box in our website or download our lovely app and start scanning away (warning: this can get weirdly addictive). 

We’ll give you a quote for each item you input, and if you are happy with our price then you can add that item to your basket. If you’re not, no worries, just move onto the next item. We always try to give the best prices possible, and we’ll never put you under any pressure to sell. 

You need to be able to sell a fivers worth of stuff or have ten or more items in your basket before we can do a deal, but once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to head to checkout, and select how you’d like to be paid. We’ll then let you know which postage option you qualify for - but either way, posting your stuff to Ziffit HQ is also completely free.

How do I post my Xbox One games to you?

We base our postage options on the calculated weight of your trade. If it’s over a certain weight you’ll qualify for our excellent and most convenient courier service, and we’ll arrange for the items to be picked up from your house. Alternatively, for lighter trades, we’ll ask you to pack up your games and head to your nearest Collect+ store and send them off from there. 

How do I get paid once you’ve received my Xbox One games?

Once we have received your Xbox games, we will give them a quick check to ensure that they are all in good order and nothing is missing. Providing that is the case we will then send out payment to you in whichever way you requested at checkout. We offer the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal payment
  • Cheque

Can I sell other items apart from Xbox one games to Ziffit?

Absolutely, we want your preloved video games but also any second-hand books, DVDs and CDs too! You can put them all together in the same order so just get those barcodes to hand and see just how much you could earn!

Sell books on our app!

Turn your phone into a money making, clutter clearing, barcode scanner!

- Super fast barcode scanner

- Instant pricing

- Easy to use

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Thank you! Over 20 million items have been sold instantly to Ziffit worldwide.

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