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5 Things We Find Inside Books


5 Things We Find Inside Books


No, this is not an episode of ‘Family Fortunes’, but you might already have some ideas.


First things first, what makes us want to keep one book longer than another? Is it the story that had us up to 2am as we just had to finish it, or does it hold sentimental value, passed down from a relative? There are some books that we might hold on to for 30 years.They’ll travel with us through 7 house moves, 3 trips abroad, and survive us lending them to various friends. Other books we’ll buy, read, and rehome them pretty sharpish. So for the books that are in our possession for the long haul, it's no surprise that oddities can be found within them after a while.

Letters from friends, an old electricity bill used as a bookmark, inscriptions, and more. Let's have a look at some common items that have been found in used books.


1. Money


You’ll want to check your books for any old notes you’ve left in them. If you don’t, someone else is in for a treat when they sit down to read their new book.





2. Cooking recipes


Don’t let Grandma’s chicken casserole recipe be forgotten! Many people have discovered old recipes hidden between the pages of their new read.


3. Pressed flowers and leaves


They make the most pretty bookmark, but if it holds sentimental value and reminds you of that day reading in the field, take a quick look to see if any of your books have any outside left inside.

4. Handwritten letters


A disgruntled ex partner or a thank you letter from your childhood best friend. Letters are a common discovery in used books, and some truly personal words can be lost, so make sure you check before you sell! Check out this blog over on our selling site about a fantastic wartime letter found in a book!





5. Old photographs


Again, they make a great bookmark, but if it’s the last photo you have of your grandparents; the first photo of your baby walking, or your first dance at your wedding, we’re sure you’ll want to hang on to them.


So, what should you do?

Make sure to check your books before you send them into Ziffit, not just to see if the condition is up to scratch, but to see if there is anything sentimental inside that you’ll want to keep! However, for those possessions that have been forgotten, it's clear to see that they make for some interesting discoveries when they reach their new owner!





Have you ever found a hidden treasure inside an old book? Let us know in the comments!


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