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Blur Vs Oasis Battle Of The Bands


Blur Vs Oasis Battle Of The Bands


The nineties saw the surge in BritPop acts dominating the airwaves. This led to a number of high-profile rivalries between bands, desperate to make their mark on the British music scene.

We’ve finally solved the two decade long argument: Who was better – Oasis or Blur? We’ve delved into the Ziffit archives to finally bring you the truth and after twenty years of rivalry we can announce that Blur has finally won the Britpop battle over Oasis.

Oasis - Battle of the Bands

Noel and Liam Gallagher - Oasis

We discovered that people throw out seven times more Oasis CD’s than that of their rivals Blur.

The Oasis albums that Brits are most keen to say farewell to in their spring-clean are “(What's The Story) Morning Glory?” coming in at first place. With “Stop the Clocks” and “Heathen Chemistry” not far behind.

But it’s not just Blur’s back catalogue that’s in demand, the band recently reformed and are releasing their first album in 12 years - The Magic Whip.

Blur performing live

Blur - performing live

Paul Treanor, eCommerce Director at Ziffit said: “I was personally taken aback at the number of Oasis CDs being sold on compared to Blur. There’s no accounting for taste and I will be holding onto my Oasis CDs, but Blur clearly seems to have won this battle of the bands by a long shot.”

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*Figures are based on items scanned to sell by Ziffit over the past 12 months. They show that people using the Ziffit app or website scanned seven times more Oasis CDs for sale (3823 in total), than all of Blur’s albums (576 in total were scanned). Views respresented in this article are author's own.

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