Getting your cash


Getting your cash

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Here at we’re proud of our fast-service and simple payment methods. Trade in your unwanted CDs, DVDs, books and games online or by using our app and choose from 3 quick and easy ways to receive your money (and the option to donate to charity). Get cash for your stuff now.

Bank Transfer

Receive the money for your goods straight into your bank account. This would typically take 3-5 working days for it to be with you, once your items have been processed.


This simple well-known method allows you to sign in to your PayPal account and receive payment for your unwanted CDs, DVDs, Books and Games in up to 3 days, after being processed.


For those who don’t want to share their bank details online – this method is for you. It is a slightly slower method of payment and can take up to seven days for your cheque to arrive once your items have been processed.

Just Giving

Feeling charitable? Well this easy method allows you to donate the cash you earn from trading in your unwanted items to a wide range of charities on offer.

Fast Payment

Thinking about selling your unwanted stuff? Trading in your used Books, CD’s, DVD’s and games has never been easier. Simply download the app from the below and take 4 easy steps to earning yourself some cash:

Download Ziffit app from the App Store here

Download the app here

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