How to pack happy for the Earth


How to pack happy for the Earth

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Here at Ziffit, we are all about sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint with every book, DVD, CD, and game that we buy and sell. Wherever there is an opportunity to reduce our impact, we try to do so.

We’ve been thinking about how we can help you to help us achieve this through more aspects of our service. Let's take a look at the early stages before we've even received your books and media!

So, how do you currently source the boxes that you send your books to us in?

Do you buy new or are you thrifty and find secure, used boxes?

Thinking of trading more but struggling to think where you would continuously source boxes from?

We’ve had a couple of ideas, with the help of our regular traders, so that we can make Ziffit an even more sustainable service and encourage reuse and recycling throughout.


Where to get your boxes:


  • Ask your local supermarket when they are stocking the shelves if you can take some
  • Ask family and friends if they are chucking any out
  • If you get a delivery, keep hold of the box to reuse for Ziffit trades!
  • Ask on your local Facebook selling pages (or any social media community groups)
  • Search on Friday-Ad/Gumtree in your local area
  • Ask your local restaurants/pubs/cafés who regularly get supplies sent



Of course, it’s important that the box is in good, strong and sturdy condition – we don’t want the books to get damaged and undo all of the work you’ve done to make your trade more sustainable. But there is definitely potential to reuse more of the boxes around our local areas, and businesses will likely be happy to clear their rubbish and see them being recycled for another use! Let’s extend the life of not just our books - our boxes too!

Every little helps in saving our planet and creating a better world. Help make using Ziffit sustainable from the start, and pack happy for the earth.

Already got your goods packed up and sent off? Find out what happens to your books next!


Want more tips on how to live more sustainably? Let us know!



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