The real value of second-hand items


The real value of second-hand items


Exploring the value of used items


It can be a difficult decision to part with your much-loved items. Books that you’ve cherished, read 7 times over, shared with friends and family, or studied in high school or college. Perhaps you’ve kept those DVDs you watched on your first ever date, or maybe you still have the CDs with the song that you danced your first dance to! It’s no secret or shame that certain items bring back memories of different chapters of our lives.

It's common to cling on to our possessions for these very reasons; our emotional attachment to them.

Maybe the book had a particular character that resonated with you? A story that made your heart palpitate so much you wanted to race through the pages faster than you could read? One line that felt like it had been written for you to be read at that very moment?

There may be thousands of copies of books, CDs, DVDs, and games in circulation, but we know that your copy might feel that bit more special for these reasons.


Make room for new memories


When you trade-in with Ziffit, not only do you get a bit of extra cash, you also get the reassurance that your items will be reused and loved by someone else. If we have to reject the items after they’ve been processed, they’ll be responsibly recycled.

The real value of your items is not the money you spent to buy them, or the money they’re worth now. The value is in how reading made you feel the magic of Hogwarts from your bedroom.  It's who you sat on the sofa with to watch Frozen for the 54th time. Perhaps the day you realised how much you really like the Sound of Music. Or how it felt to finally come first in every sport in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

You might not always need your physical copy to keep these memories alive and well. By getting rid of your old stuff, you can, in turn, clear some space for new ones. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about whether you should get rid of some of your much-loved possessions, just remember that what you really need will always stay with you.


There are so many more books to be read, more films to binge or more music to dance to; it might just be time to refresh your collection and make room for new memories.


Here at Ziffit, we appreciate all too well the value of second-hand items. We are a circular economy model which does good for people and the planet. Ziffit, part of the World of Books group, keeps resources in use for as long as possible, recognising and extracting the most value from them to minimise waste.

Help us keep the circle spinning by trading in your items, and let someone else make new memories. Let second hand become a third, fourth, and fifth hand.


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