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Scan in Your Books and Media with the Brand New Ziffit App


Scan in Your Books and Media with the Brand New Ziffit App

Home AppWhat a week! The TV ad campaign kicked off across the UK yesterday and now we’re proud to announce the official launch of the Ziffit app!

Following a successful soft launch, we’re going public for Ziffit 1.1. Like all other aspects of our service, the app is entirely free. It features a handy barcode scanner, allowing you to zap your items and get a speedy quote.

It features all of the on-site functionality, including the full checkout process. So whether you want to complete your trade on your iPhone or PC, it’s now even easier with Ziffit. After all, not everybody enjoys entering all those numbers manually.

The app is currently only available for iPhone, iPad and all other iOS devices. However, if you are an Android user, don’t panic. We will be launching the app for Android early in 2014, so not too long to wait.

As you may have spotted, the app features rather prominently in the advertising campaign. Admittedly if you’ve seen neither, then that probably isn’t all that useful. To save you a day in front of the box though, you can see what we’re on about through the Ziffit YouTube channel, or just watch below.

So there it is. To paraphrase the ad, our customers wished for it, and Ziffit have duly delivered. You can now Ziffit wherever you are, quickly and easily. No typing, no fuss and still no fees. Just go to the App Store now to find out more and download your free app today.

Even if you only want to work out what something may be worth, you are free to scan and check at will. There’s no obligation to accept quotes or proceed with a trade, even if we’d love you to send your stuff to us.

So join the Ziffit revolution today and start earning cash for those unwanted books, games, CDs and DVDs.

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