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Sell Your Harry Potter Cds Dvds Games And Books


Sell Your Harry Potter Cds Dvds Games And Books

Unless you’re a muggle who’s been living under a rock for the past few months, you may have noticed that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is back on the big screen this week. That’s right, J. K. Rowling has written an entirely new screenplay dedicated to the life of writer and adventurer, Newt Scamander. People are excited. And we are too.

Not much is known about the full story of the film, the Warner Brothers bosses have been very good at keeping schtum. But what we do know is that the story is set in New York in the mid 1920’s, where Scamander has just arrived after completing his trip around the world on the look-out for magical creatures. It is here that he meets muggle Jacob and all hell breaks loose. Okay, not hell – just a whole bunch of magical and dangerous beasts. Oh em gee, what would Hermione say? We don’t know for certain, but we think it will take more than a quick disarming spell to fix this one.

It is because of this exciting new film, that we’ve decided to take a look back over the Harry Potter phenomena from the past 15 years. A franchise that spans books, DVDs, CDs, Lego, theme parks, clothing and that’s just the tip of the magical iceberg, there is more merchandise than you can shake a replica phoenix feather wand at.

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