Get 10% extra on your first trade with code WELCOME10

Spring Clean with Ziffit and get an Extra 10% on Your Next Trade


Spring Clean with Ziffit and get an Extra 10% on Your Next Trade

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The first 300 people to use the code SPRINGCLEAN14 will get an extra 10%. But don't hang around, once they've all been used, that's it!

March is here, spring is just around the corner and things are warming up nicely.

But if you’re preparing for a little spring cleaning and want to make some extra cash – has the solution.

To celebrate the disappearance of a miserable February and the emergence of spring, we’re giving 300 Ziffiteers the chance to add another 10% to their trade.

So if you fancy clearing your clutter and making some cash, it’s the perfect time to Ziffit. Just enter SPRINGCLEAN14 to claim your bonus.

Don’t hang around though, once the code has been used 300 times the offer will end. So be quick, or miss out!

We’d love you to let us know when you’ve completed a trade and got your extra cash, so why not tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

If you do miss out on this occasion, please keep your eyes peeled for more great offers and competitions coming soon.

How to Use the Voucher Code

If you're wondering how to claim your bonus cash, it really couldn't be easier. Just follow the usual checkout procedure, then, just before the final confirmation (after payment and delivery choices) there's a handy Voucher Code box. Simply enter SPRINGCLEAN14, review your trade and hopefully you will be among the lucky 300.

It's first come first served, so speed is of the essence. Please also ensure that the code is entered correctly, in full capital letters, just to ensure that you don't encounter any issues. A message will pop-up to tell you if the sum has been added and, if you are in the first few hundred, your quote will increase by 10% automatically

That's about it.

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