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Storage Wars


Storage Wars

Storage Wars

Having storage wars of your own?

For those items you just can’t trade in, here are some excellent storage ideas to keep your home clutter free.

Here at we appreciate a good de-clutter of unwanted stuff however we understand that there are some items you just can’t let go and trade in.

Whether it’s the Sex in the City Season Two boxset you might watch again, or the entire Harry Potter series that you are bound to re-read at some point, it can be tough getting rid of the things that mean so much to you (and your family).

We're having a nose to see how people around the globe have come up with some nifty little storage solutions for those bits and bobs they just have to keep. These quirky tricks can help you display, organise and tidy your book/ DVD or CD collection as well as keep your home clutter-free.

Take a look at few of our favourites below – and feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Book stacking shelves

We love this simple way of stacking your books. Perfect if you’ve only got a small amount of space to keep those books you just can’t part with.

Spice Racks - Kids storage

A great use of Spice Racks to house those odd shaped children’s books, it also displays them nicely ready for selection at bedtime.

Window Seat Storage

Extra storage plus a nice window seat. Helps keep your books, CDs or DVDs tucked away and your house looking clutter free.

Smart box shelves

Calling all you creative-types, this is a very unusual use of box shelves to help display your prized CDs, books or DVDs for all to see.

Under the stairs storage

For those of you who - despite trading in your pre-loved items – STILL have lots you want to keep on show, this is a really clever way of using that under stair storage, it looks really smart too.

If you need more ideas, check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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Image credits via Pinterest: Brit + Co, Jill Ruth, Real Homes Magazine, Apartment Therapy via Buzzfeed, SimpleHo.Me via Buzzfeed

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