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The Story of Us


The Story of Us

Where it all began


the story of us ziffit


This is the Ziffit and World of Books Group story. Read and get to know a little bit more about what your trades help us to achieve.


It all started one day,
With an abandoned bag of books
Destined for the landfill
With only slightly ageing looks
Whatever the reason,
Someone no longer needed it,
And we thought, hang on
Someone else could be reading it...

Charities were overwhelmed
With items donated
Though grateful, they were
Good books were always wasted.
We thought of a solution
For everybody involved
Let’s buy and resell them?
Problem solved.

So little by little
We began to build the site
Books were flying off the shelves
We grew larger every night
And with every old book sold
For somebody it was new
But what came after that?
Well, the idea grew and grew...

'There must be people at home
With books and media galore
They’ll want some extra cash
And we’ll need stock some more!'
So Ziffit was created
To salvage more used books
Would it be a success?
We waited on tenterhooks...

As each day passed
More items were traded
And though we grew larger
Our core values never faded
To be a business for good
And to help charities
To make a positive impact
On the environment and our employees

So in the midst of the trades
And the orders to be shipped
We continued to be good
After all, we were well equipped
With hardworking people
Who believed in our growth
No pushing required
(They didn’t have to take an oath)

Donations to book fairies
And libraries in schools
Our customers helped us do this
With every trade or book haul
Sharing the love of reading
As widely as we could
Because books can change lives
And that we understood

In the year 2019
We became a B corporation
An award given only
To sustainable operations
Committed to our purpose
As we continue to grow
With every decision.
(Just something good to know)

So when you trade with Ziffit
You can be sure you’re doing your part
To encourage reuse
That’s what sets us apart
We’re ambitious to help the world
As new challenges have arisen
We intend to make a good impact
To neutralize our carbon emissions

It started with an abandoned book,
And now we’re overseas
So trade, shop and be circular with us.
Well, only if you please...



If you'd like to show others how they can sell and shop sustainably, why not share our story?

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