What to do when we can’t take all of your books


What to do when we can’t take all of your books




We try to accept as many books as we can to save them from going to waste - but admittedly we can’t take everything! We buy the books, CDs, DVDs and games that we feel have the best chance at finding a new home.

However, we know that this can be disappointing when you were looking to sell a stack of books and some couldn’t be accepted.

So, we have come up with some ideas of what you could do with those leftover books so you never have to throw them away.

Gift them to a friend

Books make a thoughtful gift, if you've enjoyed the book and you think a friend would, why not pass it on and give it to someone you love. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or special event. Every day is a good day to pass on a story. What’s more, you’ll be able to chat about what you thought of it after. You could even have a movie night if the book has been adapted into a film! Many good things can come from gifting.

Do a bit of DIY

We don't like the thought of tearing up books but if you were going to put them in the bin anyway, why not get creative. Make a book chair, a reading lampstand, a book wreath, a photo frame. The possibilities are endless.



Use them to change up your interior

Books are aesthetic, after all. If you’ve got some antique books why not arrange them on a shelf or your coffee table. First and foremost, we love books for their stories and not their looks, but there is no harm in making use of them in other ways! Stack them, line them up, tilt them, colour code them. Books add character to any house, and they don’t need to be hidden away.

Advertise them for free in your local community

Perhaps someone in your local area needs a bunch of books for a school library, or a family near you would like something different to read. Stuff you may no longer want might just be what someone else has been looking for! You could even set up a community free library spot, like a little free library, where people can drop off and swap books, it’s a win-win.

Donate to charity

It’s always good to check if your local charity is looking to take books. They might not always be accepting them (if lots of other people are trying to donate too!) but if you can, why not do a good deed and donate your leftover books.

Keep it & rescan on Ziffit in a couple of weeks

No guarantees, but the items we accept do change regularly - why not keep them for a couple of weeks longer and try scanning them again in another trade. You might be pleasantly surprised.




Always avoid waste where you can

So before you think about chucking away those books we can’t accept, have a think, is there another way you can extend their lifetime?

What do you do with books you can't sell? Let us know in the comments.


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