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Ziffit App – DOWNLOAD NOW!


Ziffit App – DOWNLOAD NOW!


iOS version is out now, click above to download. Android version out 23/12/2013!

We get asked a fair few questions at, as you might imagine really. However, one of the most common queries isn’t about trades, items or how it all works; it’s whether or not there is an app in the offing.

Well, we’re delighted to be able to announce – once and for all – that yes, there is a Ziffit app on the way.

The estimated arrival time is mid-October, so not long to wait. It is currently being developed by the good folk at Brightec, who are doing a great job getting the look and functionality just right.

The first version is going to be for iPhone and iPad devices (sorry Android owners), but we intend to roll out across all platforms and devices shortly after. We want to make it as easy as possible to sell your stuff, wherever you are and eliminate the need to type individual barcodes.

Ziffit App – Making it Even Easier to Sell Books, Games, CDs and DVDs

So whether you’ve got a pile of books that are gathering dust or some old CDs that you never want to see, let alone hear again, you will be able to use our app to scan them all in quickly and easily. Of course the website is still there for anybody who prefers the more therapeutic manual entry system on a larger screen, but the functionality of the mobile app will closely mirror that of the full-size alternative. So whatever method you prefer, Ziffit have it covered.

Our app is going to be just one of many major changes in October. Without wishing to give too much away, you should be seeing a lot more of The site will also be experiencing a few changes; nothing too major, but just a short back and sides to neaten everything up a little.

Anyway, you will hear all about the changes, updates and new gadgets on the Ziffit blog first. So keep your eyes peeled.

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